At last check, one online job bank had 1,891 jobs posted in Tyler that pay more than $55,000 per year, and 676 of them were listed at more than six figures.  Use these keywords on your resume so you can land them!

When you find the right job and the salary, benefits, and schedule come together, it feels great and you just know it's right in your gut.  It feels like you.  But how in the heck do you land that perfect gig?  Hiring experts say it boils down to knowing how employers process resumes.

CareerBuilder's president told that two sources will scan your resume when you apply, and one is human and the other is not.  A recruiter and an applicant tracking system (ATS) will both give it a glance, and the ATS is scanning for keywords to see "how closely your resume matches the job description."  In other words, use the same words and phrases that you see in the job description so things match up.

To stand out with the recruiter, the experts also say it's a good idea to show your pizzazz and flair for working with a team so you'll stand out and prove that you'll be a good fit.  To do that, it's best to tell short stories that will show how you "conquered challenges and conflicts in the workplace" rather than list accomplishments through bullet points.  Think short, compelling social media stories within the confines of your resume.

Some of the top keywords to use on a resume, according to Jobscan:

1. design
2. operations
3. technical
4. training
5. sales
6. marketing
7. reporting
8. compliance
9. strategy
10. research

I looked at the job postings on ZipRecruiter, and there are thousands!  Some of the top companies hiring around Tyler include Walmart, Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages, Starbucks, Advantage Resourcing, Kelly Services, Tyson Foods, the City of Tyler, and dozens more.

Setting the filters on $50,000 and above produces around two thousand available jobs, at companies like Symmetry Financial Group, Ralston Group, Natural Grocers, CHRISTUS Health, Liberty Mutual, AKE Safety Equipment, Pepsi Co, Lovelace Medical Center, and hundreds of others.  There are job openings across all industries, including sales, construction, insurance, HR, healthcare, pest control, dentistry, project management, retail, and hospitality.  Click HERE for the constantly updated list.

It's a great time to be looking for a job, and you'll land it if you can put together a good "technical design strategy" that shows off your "sales and operations training."  And thanks for listening at work!

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