Curious kids love to look at things and check things out, and parents love it when those things are free. This sounds like win-win.

The Tyler Museum of Art is giving free passes to local elementary kids so they can go check out an exhibit to celebrate National Arts and Humanities month in October.

Local kindergarten through fifth-grade students will get one ticket to the exhibit, which is on display through Dec. 9 at the art museum, and features works by N.C., Andrew and Jamie Wyeth from public and private collections throughout Texas. A little quick reading up on the exhibit tells me it features lots of animals, which kids will love. It's paintings of dogs, cows, seagulls and other animals.

The museum says it's all part of an effort to get kids involved in art appreciation at a young age. And visiting the museum could be a fun thing to do as a family, and then talk about it afterward over ice cream.

The museum is at 1300 S. Mahon Ave., adjacent to the Tyler Junior College campus off East Fifth Street.

Be sure to keep asking the kids if they got those free passes at school, because you know how kids are...they can lose things sometimes.

Have fun!