This bit of info is a bright spot to hear during the midst of our COVID-19 breakout. I just hope that it doesn't lead to an influx of people trying to move here. We already have a housing shortage and the last thing we need is an even more intense fight for living spaces.

The article which bestows the big honor upon our city names all of the usual things that receive Tyler fanfare: our prestigious wineries and such. They left out our plentiful days of sunshine, minimal traffic flow, and our low cost of living (as compared to bigger cities). They also discussed the culinary delights found in our region.

It is cool that Tyler is on this list because when things start opening up again once the coronavirus shutdowns ease up, the U.S. will be itching to hit the streets and get their travel bug on. They will be flocking hither and thither to America's small towns where they can experience the maximum amount of joy for minimal cost. Tourists will be booking hotel rooms, making restaurant reservations, and checking out all our recreational stuff that we have to offer.

Tyler will be right here waiting for you. *plays Richard Marx*

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