The control tower at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport will still have its controllers for now thanks to TxDOT Funding for the Tyler tower and around 150 other airports nationwide had their funding pulled by the FAA to save money and thanks to the Texas Department of Transportation commission, the tower at Tyler along with 13 other Texas airports will have funding to stay in operation for the next 90 days.

Tyler Pounds Regional Airport manager Davis Dickson says, "I am proud of the state of Texas for taking a proactive role. TxDOT is really breaking the mold by taking these steps." That remark was similarly repeated by Mark McDaniel, City Manager for Tyler who goes on to say that the City of Tyler "fully intends to ensure our tower remains open even after TxDOT funding expires."

The decision to keep the air traffic controllers in their towers' will cost TxDOT approximately $2 million for the 14 affected

airports for 90 days.

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