If you're like us here at PopCrush, then you're counting down the days to the March premiere of Season 4 of 'The Voice.' And these new promos that fell into our laps are making us excited -- not like we have it marked in red on our calendars or anything.

The new season will bring us two new judges Shakira and Usher, who are occupying the red (hot) seats that once belonged to Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green.

"There's a new sheriff in town," says Usher in the promo. The 'Climax' singer makes himself very comfortable in the quick 19 second clip, as he and fellow coach Blake Shelton appear to prepare to battle it out for a future contestant.

Shakira's promo goes for something a bit different. Instead of a behind-the-scenes look, we get to "meet" the new coach in a one-on-one... for 11 seconds.

"Hi I'm Shakira, and I'm the new coach on Season 4," begins the Colombian singer. "Stay tuned because this is going to get really interesting." Clasping her hands and appearing snarky and confident in front of the camera, she then gives a shoutout to her loyal fanbase.

"And a big kiss to all of you Facebook fans," she says just before blowing a kiss to the camera.

Are you ready for 'The Voice' now?! Season 4 begins March 25!

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