Next time you head across the county line be sure to pick up a bottle of cheap vodka.  Serious, check out how useful this alcoholic beverage can be without any of the harsh fumes.   When you compare the ingredients that you use around your family to keep the house clean you will be stocking up on the clear strong stuff.  Non-traditional vodka uses after the jump.
1.  Bandage Removal- Pour some vodka on the bandage to dissolve the adhesive.

2.  Bathtub and Shower Cleanser- Do you get annoyed by chalky build-up?  Vodka will kill the mildew and mod.  So fill up a spray bottle and get after it but be sure to let it sit for a couple of minutes.

3.  Eyeglasses and Sunglasses Cleaner-  Get a clean cloth, wet it with the vodka, and wipe away.

4.  Razor Cleaner-  Get yourself a cup of vodka and after shaving let your razor sit in it for a couple of minutes.  When removed your blades will be less likely to rust and sanitized.

5.  Remove Wine Stains-  So you got a little tipsy last night and doused your new carpet with a glass of Merlot.  Put some vodka on the stain, massage in, and blot dry.

6.  Skincare-  When applied to your face with a cotton pad you cleanse the skin and tighten pores.

7.  Shampoo Additive-  Pour a shot of vodka to your favorite shampoo... Your scalp will thank you.

8.  Bug Killer-  Top off an old spray bottle and aim towards all those nasty little critters.

9.  Homemade Cold Press-  Mix together half vodka and half regular tap water in a plastic bag.  After some time in the freezer you will have yourself the perfect ice pack for all your joints.

10.  Reduce a Fever-  Apply vodka to a soft cloth and pace on your chest and you will feel the cooling relief.

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