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I love bacon and I really really love beer so a bacon-infused beer sounds like the perfect pairing.

Waffle House has teamed up with a Georgia-based brewery called Oconee Brewing Company to offer the first-ever Waffle House-branded beer called Bacon & Kegs. It's a bacon infused red ale.

According to WNEM/CNN, the brewery's media director Leslie Tillery said the collaboration first came about after she reached out to Waffle House in January to gauge interest in collaborating on a beer.

We knew that Waffle House had dipped their toes (or dipped their hash browns, as I like to say in this situation) into the industry when they allowed beer at their Braves stadium kiosk in 2018. I thought (hoped) that they might be interested in craft beer collaboration, so I found an email address for someone at corporate headquarters and proposed the idea. He was kind enough to respond with the willingness to discuss the idea more.

Bacon and Kegs is dark red, offers up a 6.5% ABV, and has a scent of bacon that stands out from the typical medium hop aroma of a red ale.

I would absolutely love to try this beer but unfortunately, it's only available at Oconee Brewing Company in Georgia...Nooooooo! Even if it was available at Waffle House, we still wouldn't be able to get it because there aren't any locations in Michigan. Regardless, you have to admit this is an absolute genius idea and worth celebrating even if we can't drink a tall, cold glass of it ourselves.

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