Our third full day in Dubai was my favorite. Although dinner overlooking the fountains was fabulous and delicious, we found adventure and luxury on this very full day of activity.

We left the resort at 9:30 in the morning and didn’t make it back until nearly midnight. It was a day filled with excitement, awe inspiring views, laughter, decadent food and sights as well great conversation. It’s a day that will always live in my memory.

It’s also the day I dressed as an Arabian Princess and held a falcon. Oh, and I rode a camel!

Did I mention this was a memorable day? All of those things happened after lunch and a visit to the top of the world.

We started our day heading back to the Dubai Mall. We took a group photo underneath the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalilfa and near the fountains that we viewed the night before. Then we began the walk into the building and made our way to the fastest elevator in the world.

The elevator takes you up 125 floors in 60 seconds. Thank goodness it’s enclosed with a video to watch and distract anyone who fears heights, as I do, from thinking about just how high up they are headed and at what speed.

Once we reached the top, the views were breathtaking. The skyscrapers we have been craning our necks to look up at the past two days looked like miniatures. We were looking down upon them, and noticing how many had swimming pools on top. This city is truly luxurious.

We could see the Palm Jumeirah island where our resort was located, and the man made world islands off the coast of the city as well. These islands shaped like countries are for lease, but you’ll need a helicopter to reach them. By the way, you can uber a chopper in Dubai. Crazy, right?!

After visiting the tallest building in the world, we returned to the Dubai Marina to board a Private Dhow to enjoy a tour of the area while enjoying traditional middle eastern food. It was fabulous. On the top deck, we had music playing and were able to take in fabulous views of the sky scrapers.

Following lunch, we divided up into groups of four and rode out to the desert for fun sliding in the sand. On the way, we stopped by a camel race track and watched as the camels made their way onto the track for a race later that evening.

In the desert we played and laughed like children. Our driver was excellent, and knew how to set a fun soundtrack to sliding through the dunes. We laughed and giggled our way across the dunes of the desert to reach a campsite at sunset where we had champagne and toasted our trip.

Here we saw a falcon show, several of us dressed as Arabian Princesses and took photos at sunset, before taking a short drive to a Bedouin Camp for dinner. I stayed in my fancy dress to enjoy more delicious food and drinks, while enjoying entertainment provided by local dancers. It was incredible and I even rode a camel with my friend, Cindy! It was too dark for photos at this point, but definitely an experience I won’t forget.

More from our last two days at the resort coming tomorrow. Photos from the Aquarium at Atlantis and a boat tour around the Palm Jumeirah island.

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