Tyler residents are disposing their tires all over the city limits so much that it has gotten the attention of City officials and they decided to do something about it.

According to KLTV, they city will enforce a $5 disposal fee as they are considered a special waste.  Streets and sanitation can't mix tires with regular trash pickup so they would have to make another special trip to pick up tires and dispose of them.

Leroy Sparrow the director of Tyler's Solid Waste Department spoke more on the change,

That $5 fee with cover us picking them up, getting them over [to the Garbage Disposal Facility].  They also have to be cut before we can dispose of them in the landfill. So, that charge will take care of that process and recover the cost for that process.

You can schedule your appointment to have your tires removed on October 1st. with the Solid Waste Department.

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