Poaching is a big problem in Texas.  Hunting out of season can result in big fines and even jail time, and game wardens want our help finding the culprits.  

Most of the hunting seasons have ended across the state, and the only one active right now is quail season. That ends on February 25th. In other words, hunting anything but quail is illegal right now and falls into the category of poaching and it's a huge no-no.

Sometimes deer are taken out of season for the antlers or other trophies, and other animals are taken because they're rare or offer some other value.  Poaching can have roots in pleasure-killing, or commercial gain.  Either way it's wrong, and game wardens want to know who's doing it.

KLTV says a man in Denton county recently admitted to poaching a record white-tail buck and he was charged with taking the animal out of season.

Sometimes a poached animal is made to look like road kill, but if you contact a game warden they'll come out and investigate, and if it's not road kill they'll track down the people responsible.  You can contact our local game wardens HERE, and they'd be happy to follow up on tips.

The penalties for hunting out of season are a state jail felony and can be punishable by prison time.  So don't do it!  And if you see something, say something.

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