I don't know about you but these past couple of weeks have been quite "annoying" weather wise. Whether you believe in "global warming" or not, you have to admit that waking up one day to nice, warm beautiful days and then waking up the next day to FREEZING temps and slick roadways is not optimal. As another cold snap descends upon Texas Wednesday, lots of folks were caught off guard and unprepared which in turn has lead to overall CHAOS on roads all across the state.

We Begin In Dallas Where Reports of Slick Roads Have Caused Lots Of Accidents.

The chaos began EARLY this morning for drivers in the DFW Metroplex as the temperatures began to drop and roads began to freeze over. This traffic cam video from early this morning on I-820 shows a terrible scene as two vehicles are already stopped on the road due to the icy roads when a box truck loses control and crashes into the cars.

Things Didn't Get Any Better When The Sun Came Up

This video from Dallas Texas TV is a prime example of what's going on. As folks in an office watch in horror as multiple vehicles including an 18-wheeler rig slide and crash on the icy roads on Interstate 635 and Josey Lane in Dallas Wednesday morning. After the 18-wheeler crashes, several vehicles, oblivious to the scene, begin a chain reaction crash.

Meanwhile in Coppell, Texas, another crash caught on video.

In this video, a group of vehicles that appear to have already been in a fender bender are at an intersection when the driver of another car, who seems to be impatient with the situation, ends up rear ending a truck in the next lane.

The Weather Is Expected To Remain Treacherous Tonight.

My suggestion to you if you have to go to the Metroplex or travel anywhere tonight is DON'T. These hazardous conditions are expected to be in place overnight so be careful out there.

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