Hurricane Laura is barreling toward Texas and Louisiana. It could become a category three storm by the time it makes landfall with winds up to 115 miles per hour. You can watch live camera footage from Galveston as the storm moves in late Wednesday or early Thursday morning.

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The City of Galveston issued a mandatory evacuation (Kens 5) Monday, August 24, as authorities expect some major issues from the storm on the island. A mandatory evacuation order was also issued for Port Arthur (KLTV). Forecasters are predicting an eleven foot storm surge with Hurricane Laura. It's hard to predict at this time exactly where Laura will make landfall but it's expected to land between High Island, Texas and Morgan City, Louisiana.

Laura became a hurricane after it crossed over Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Obviously, things will change, but as of this writing, Hurricane Laura is moving West Northwest at 17 miles per hour.

As far as Hurricane Laura's impact on East Texas, as of this writing, it is expected to bring possible hurricane force winds to our far Eastern counties with some heavy rainfall and the possibility of some sever thunderstorms. Of course, it all depends on where Laura makes landfall. If it's further West, then East Texas could be hit harder then predicted right now.

We will keep you updated with our weather partners at KLTV on air and online.

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