UPDATE: According to The Dallas Morning News, the 18-year old player has been arrested and charged with assault and the Edinburg CISD is removing the Edinburg High football team from the playoffs.


Sad and shocking video from the South Texas region is making the rounds on social media and making headlines across the country after a high school player went completely overboard in his reaction to a call from a referee.

According to News 4 San Antonio, during a Thursday night game between Edinburg High and Pharr-San Juan-Alamo High, an Edinburg player was ejected for a late hit and unsportsmanlike penalty.

The ejected Edinburg player, who is in his junior year, suddenly rushed towards the ref and hit him with a blindside block, knocking the ref to the ground. The referee was down for a minute and was reportedly monitored for concussion like symptoms but managed to leave under his own will.

Police were called in to escort the Edinburg player from the field but no comments or further information was given after the incident.

As the author of this article, I have purposely left out the name of the player from Edinburg who started this whole melee despite the fact that other outlets are sharing his name. The reason for this is because while this young person made a horrendous decision and mistake in the heat of the moment, he still has his future ahead of him and hopefully, this young man will learn from this moment and make changes.

The embarrassment, media glare and potential punishment he will receive from his school and law enforcement is already punishment enough for me and its our hope that this moment will not define him for the rest of his life.

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