With the New Year in our rearview mirror, many of us are losing sight of the goals that seemed so

important to us last month. And for many of us, one of those big goals was saving money.

We aren't letting you aspiring penny-pinchers off the hook just yet. Here are some of our suggestions for how to stretch your cash even further this year -- and some of them are pretty great ideas -- penny saving ideas after the jump.

* Maid service twice a month vs. cleaning the house yourself.

* Car wash vs. liquid soap, garden hose and pulling out the shop vac to suck up the Goldfish crumbs.

* Rarely used gym membership vs. walking/running, exercise DVDs, and occasional drop-in yoga class fees.

* Not renewing glossy magazine subscriptions vs. reading online versions and purchasing only for airplanes.

Just Asking ... Was saving money one of your goals this year? How's it going so faar? Do you do any of the things on this list? What other things would you add to this list? Are you anti saving money? Why?