We don't get snow often in East Texas, but when we do it's usually in January and February. Do you remember the time when several East Texas towns not far from Tyler, TX were blanketed with a surprise snow... in April?

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While we'll get an occasional snow flurry or two here in East Texas, several inches of powder is not the norm. And when we get it, it'll usually melt away by noon -- Snowpacolypse of '21 aside.

In fact, that storm came so late that year, and on a Saturday, that much of these towns enjoyed a rare white Easter.

Chances are if you're reading this, and have a driver's license, you were alive that fateful April day when East Texas was blanketed by 4 inches of snow. It happened nearly 16 years ago.

From KTRE:

On this day (April 7th) in weather history nine years ago, Deep East Texas received a rare and unusual late season snowfall. On April 7, 2007, many areas from Crockett to Groveton and over toward Lufkin and Nacogdoches received two-to-four inches of snow. This snow event was historic as it was the latest measurable snowfall to occur this far south in East Texas as far back as the records go.  That made what took place nine years ago today unprecedented.

That much snow in East Texas is rare, and the fact that it came so late in the year made it even more exciting. Although we don't get much of the white stuff in ETX, some parts of Texas do.

Do you know which city in Texas is the snowiest? Situated in the panhandle of Texas, Amarillo averages the highest amount of snowfall per year, coming in around 17.9 inches annually.

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