It has been unbearably hot in Tyler, TX this summer. It's been unbearably hot all across East Texas, and the whole damn Lone Star State for that matter. Well, unfortunately things aren't looking better for any of us this week.

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If you didn't know, we are currently under a burn ban in Smith County, and this morning the Fire Marshal's Office issued another warning for folks: lower humidity, hotter temps, and the possibility of strong winds/gusts are a terrible combination when it comes to fires.

The forecast contains more bad news for Smith County. Humidity is expected to go down over the next couple of days which will allow our air to heat up quicker and it will be even hotter. The forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday couples this effect with winds of 15mph including gusts of up to 25mph. This is a bad combination for fire weather.If you are cooking out, mowing your yard, bailing hay, or any other activity which can produce a spark, please make sure you have a method to extinguish fires and call 911 quickly if one breaks out. Also, please ensure your tires are pressurized correctly, trailer chains are not dragging the ground, and do not stop and idle your vehicle in high grass. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

So, please be careful out there. Whether you're working in this insufferable heat or just trying to stay cool. And as a reminder if you see someone breaking the burn ban that is currently in place for Smith County, there are two numbers to call. If it is a non-emergency, call Dispatch at 903-566-6600. If it is an emergency, call 911.

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