It's easy to get caught up in the crazy business of life and forget to show gratitude, but this month I'm taking time each day to do just that.

Today I'm thankful for my pets. I have two cats, Georgie and Tammy. I adopted them a little over nine years ago from a friend whose barn cats were reproducing at an alarming rate. My girls and I have been together throughthree moves in the last nine years, and they bring me joy daily.


Each one has her own unique personality, but it's impossible to choose a favorite. They are the closest thing I have to children, and they bring me lots of joy.

Georgie is solid black with long hair and golden eyes, and is easily heard across the room when she begins to purr. Tammy looks more like a tabby. She has short hair with tan and black stripes and spots, and loves to sleep on my left shoulder.