Hi. My name is Michael Gibson and I have a problem. I obsess over tracking my Amazon packages. I am excited to receive that "Your package has shipped" email and immediately click on the "Track Package" button. Then do it again every day then two or three times the day it's supposed to arrive. Help!

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So last week, I ordered some items I needed from Amazon, a couple pair of sunglasses (cause I needed some new ones), a new media rack I can use for my PlayStation 2 and 3 games in my bedroom (so I can use that shelf for some other collectibles) and a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Snake Amiibo (even though I don't own a Switch but like the Amiibo figures and love the Metal Gear series).

The initial estimate was that all will arrive on Wednesday, October 21. Cool. As usual, I hit the "Track Package" button when I got the email. And as I always do, I checked it every single day. I was excited when it said it would arrive a day early. I just don't why I have this obsession with "tracking my package." I do enjoy seeing all the stops it makes on the way here. Maybe it's my imagination playing out the packages adventure through America to get to my little ole Tyler, Texas apartment.


It's weird and it's fascinating and it's satisfying when it finally arrives because the adventure has been completed. I guess it's an obsession that isn't so bad, just one of those odd quirks that makes me, well, me.

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