Justin Bieber is a man on a mission when it comes to quality control.

The "Yummy" singer proves this in a new advertisement that he stars in for Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons, which will roll out their latest collaboration with the pop star next week.

In the wacky commercial, Bieber can be seen chatting it up with with Tim Hortons employee Pam when she drops in to make sure that everything is up to the company's standards. Everything appears to be in its place — well, except the Biebs, who is oddly staring at a batch of his signature Biebs Brew when she enters the dark boardroom.

Pam then questions him, asking what he is doing there so late. This leads Bieber to respond that his job is not done. He insists he has not tried the final product, while Pam goes on to discuss the quality of the coffee and suggests that Bieber come back once the coffee is done brewing.

Bieber responds by pointing to himself and saying:

"Yeah, not a chance I let someone put their lips on the Biebs Brew before this guy. I’m a stan."

He grabs a neck pillow, props his feet up and settles in for a long night of waiting.

Watch Justin Bieber's new Tim Hortons ad, below:

The Biebs Brew serves as the singer's follow-up to his 2021 Hortons-Bieber collaboration, Timbiebs Timbits.

The new brew will go on sale on June 6 in the U.S. and Canada. Fans will be able to order the food and drink as a bundle aptly-titled the "Biebs Bundle."

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