I'm not sure how it was in your house growing up but there was a big difference between when mom or dad made food growing up. I will admit growing up the youngest of five kids it was a struggle just to make sure we were all fed. So, I applaud my parents for making it happen.

But just yesterday country star Aaron Watson posted online about how he was in charge of making breakfast for his daughter Jolee. I'm not sure if you know this or not but Aaron Watson is not exactly a chef in the kitchen so he whipped up his famous "Dad Breakfast" for his daughter. The meal consisted of a slice of cheese pizza and some fruit.

Dad Meals Are So Different From Meals Made by Mom

After seeing the "nutritious" meal that was created by Aaron it made me think about the difference of when mom or dad made a meal for us kids growing up. My father was a restaurant manager and worked in restaurants his whole life, but unless it was a holiday he was always looking for the easiest and quickest meal to make. While mom was making delicious tacos or chicken and dumplings with that magical mom ingredient called love.

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Some of the Meals that Dad Made Back in the Day Are Funny to Think About

It's been 25+ years since I've had goulash or S.O.S. (chipped beef and gravy on toast). These were staples in our house growing up because it was cheap and it's what my parents could afford to feed all of us. Please know that I had a wonderful childhood, we struggled at times but I had fantastic parents who showed me love.

So, what unusual meal did your parents make for you when you were growing up?

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