Not only do we have to worry about what to get our sweetie on Valentine's Day, we have to think about

Valentine's Flowers

whether it's appropriate for how long we've been a couple. Here are Cosmo's ideas for gifts for different stages of "couple-dom" -- more after the jump.

• Less than 3 months: If you've just started dating, keep it casual. Spend less than $25 on something simple, like a DVD or a book. Or, cook him dinner or bake cookies.

• 3-6 months: You're still getting to know each other. Find something creative that totally fits your partner's tastes -- like sports memorabilia or a cool selection of microbrewed beer.

• 7-12 months. Things are getting serious now. A good gift at this stage is something you can do together, like tickets to a concert or sports event. Or plan a surprise date (like ice-skating or a couples' massage).

• 1-2 years. This is a great time to celebrate your relationship or show how well you know each other. Frame a great photo of the two of you, or remind him of a great time you had together by finding an antique map of the last place you visited together.

• More than 3 years: Try the gift of a cool new experience. If your guy likes adventure, book an exciting experience like a flying lesson or hang gliding. If he likes to cook, sign him up for cooking classes. Or book a romantic weekend getaway for the two of you.

Just Asking ... What stage of couple-dom are you in? Is that affecting your Valentine's Day gift buying? Think you got something too advanced for the stage of your relationship? Not advanced enough?

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