I found this Quiz on Buzzfeed, and determined myself to be a Dog.

According to the quiz - if I assessed myself correctly - I am an ENFJ or Dog:

ENFJs are social butterflies who are cheerleaders and supporters of a wide variety of friends and acquaintances. They hate bullying and they love to greet their loved ones with a face lick and a tail wag. They feel good when the people around them feel good, and they tend to adapt to the group that they are in very quickly, even adopting the values of whoever they are surrounded by. They are loyal and expect loyalty from others — think of them as the living embodiment of a “team player.”

The quiz is based on the Myers-Briggs Type indicator, and while you can only officially take the test with a licensed practitioner, there are loads of unofficial tests online. This animal version is fun. Let me know which animal you get in the comment section below.



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