Whitney Houston‘s body has been laid to rest and her cause of death has reportedly been determined, but for her family, the hard work of coming to terms with her untimely death has just begun — and part of that work will include attempting to track down a photographer who took unauthorized photos of the singer after she died.

The photos, which include a shot of Houston in a body bag on a gurney, were taken at the Beverly Hilton in spite of a number of security measures taken to enforce the family’s privacy — and thanks to surveillance footage of the culprit in the hotel hallway, the police have some solid leads. Although the investigation into Houston’s death has to be completed before her family can pursue a case against the illicit paparazzo, a source tells Radar Online that they intend to do everything they can to obtain justice.

“They need and deserve to know who took the pictures, and if the person profited from it,” the source said. “It was naturally heartbreaking to the family when the photo was published, but they trust that the person who took it will ultimately be held accountable.”

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