You need guts to take your Lamborghini onto a racetrack. But all the big shots who took part in the Ultimate Lamborghini Experience have nothing on a Southern California squirrel with serious nerve.

The annual event, held in late June at California Speedway in Fontana, invites Lambo owners to test their skills on a two-and-a-half-mile open track. It promises an incredible rush of speed and sound that will quicken the pulse and stir the soul.Well, it sure lived up to that billing for this squirrel:

Talk about precision steering. If the average East Texans navigated the road as well as this little fella, the Loop would be a much better place.

But is the video real?

"It's 100 percent authentic," says Elie Rothstein, one of the owners of Al & Ed's Autosound, which put on the event. "We had cameras set up all over the track to get footage on our drivers. Only a couple days later do we see this. And I was like, 'What?!' It blows your mind."

What blows our mind is that the squirrel, by the looks of it, was more or less OK.

"Thankfully the squirrel did not die," Rothstein says. "We were just shocked. He made it."

Turns out the car isn't just another Lambo, either. Rothstein says it's an LP670-4SV -- one of the fastest Lamborghinis ever made. The car was going in excess of 100 mph, Rothstein estimates. The "SV," in fact, stands for "Super Veloce," or "Super Fast."

Maybe it should stand for "Squirrel Victorious."

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