Calling all proud and crazy pet owners. I am dying to see how you dress your dog or cat for Halloween. Oh, you don't dress your pets up for Halloween? Shame, all the cool kids are doing it.

My sister in law Adri and I have gotten into a habit of dressing up our dog children and sending each other pictures. One year Mercy and Kobe were the most precious dynamic duo ever. I mean does it get any better than a cheeseburger and french fries?

Adri Andrews
Adri Andrews

My poor dog Olive has to deal with wearing outfits for my amusement, might I add this is the best part of having an 11-pound dog. She can fit in a big purse and strut around in cute or funny Halloween costumes.

If you dress your pet up for Halloween, you're not alone, according to The New York Post over 31 million people will dress their dogs up for Halloween. Why? Because we can and we love seeing our little fluff butts look all kinds of cute.

The National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights, project that over $480 million will be spent on Halloween pet outfits. Uh oh, did we spend too much time at home during the lockdown and became obsessed with our little fur children? Who cares, I want to see your pet dressed up. Send me a picture of your pets dressed up for Halloween! Either comment on this post with the photo or send me the photo direct by clicking here. 


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