The lifeguards are hired and in place and the Tyler Parks and Recreation Department has announced it'll be opening the Woldert Pool Park on Saturday! This pool opening joins Fun Forest pool that opened earlier this season.

Woldert Pool is a free admission pool, but because of its size, is limited to only 75 swimmers at any time. However, if you arrive and the pool is at capacity, you can still cool off because there's a spray ground located right next door. The pool is open will open Saturday and will be open daily, except for Sundays, through August 10th. You can swim for free Monday through Thursday from 1p - 6p, Friday 1p - 7p and Saturday 1p - 6p. You must have a swim suit as cotton clothing and basketball shorts are not approved or allowed in the pool.

Woldert Pool is located at 701 W. 32nd St. A couple of other places to cool off in Tyler are the Fun Forest Pool and Spray ground at 900 N. Glenwood Ave. This facility is open Tuesday through Thursday 1p - 6p and Friday and Saturday 1p - 7p and is closed on Sunday and Monday. Fun Forest Pool will close for the season on August 10th.

Faulkner Park has a spray ground that is operating daily from 9a - 9p until cold weather invades East Texas, but you've got some time before that happens! The Faulkner Park Spray ground is located at 401 W. Cumberland Rd.