Congratulations to Rachel Crow! Everyone’s favorite pint-sized ‘X Factor‘ contestant may not have won the competition (thanks a lot, Nicole Scherzinger!), but she’s doing just fine on her own. Crow snagged a TV pilot with Nickelodeon and a record deal, so get ready to see a lot more of her.

Crow was predictably thrilled at the news. “It’s been amazing,” Crow told the Hollywood Reporter. “A couple days after the elimination I just found myself sitting home asking myself, ‘What am I going to do now?’ And I never would’ve thought that this is what I was going do now. So, it’s pretty amazing. I’m very thankful and I feel very blessed to have all this.” Seriously, how cute is she?

Crow will star in a musical-comedy themed pilot for Nickelodeon, as well as having a recurring role in the current series ‘Fred: The Show’ for five (and possibly more) episodes this spring. On ‘Fred,’ Crow will play Starr, a girl determined to make it as a famous singer. Sounds right to us!

The move was somewhat surprising, as many thought Crow would have a development deal with Disney. “It’s definitely going to come as a surprise for a lot of people,” she said. “I get asked on a daily basis from all my wonderful friends, ‘So, Disney, huh?’ It’s hard to keep a secret, but it’s really cool because now I’m happy to be able to share it with everyone.”

As for her music, Crow’s mentor, Simon Cowell, scored her a record deal with Columbia Records through his company, SyCo. She’ll be in good company: “Columbia was awesome for me,” she gushed. “This is the top, which is really cool. Beyonce and Adele. And I’m in the same family as them, which is really awesome.” Crow told THR that her album will be “spunky,” and “there’s definitely gonna be some high notes in there. And it’s just gonna be me.”

Another ‘X Factor’ runner up who’s doing well? Second place contestant Josh Krajcik. Billboard reports that Krajcik is working with Adele’s producer Eg White, who collaborated with the Grammy winner on ‘Chasing Pavements.’ Krajcik has a deal with Sony Music, though it’s uncertain which label will feature him. Whichever one he chooses will be lucky to have him!

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