Yeti Coolers is facing some backlash on social media after their recent decision to sever its relationship with the National Rifle Association.

Yeti is the latest in a growing list of companies to distance itself from the NRA in the wake of continued gun violence around the country. The Austin, Texas-based purveyor of high-end coolers and outdoor equipment was called out in a letter from NRA representative Marion Hammer posted on their website.

News of Yeti’s decision reverberated quickly around social media and many— including avid hunters and outdoorsmen who helped Yeti become the powerhouse it is today— have used the hashtag #boycottyeti on Instagram and Twitter to voice their displeasure.

RTIC Coolers, a competing manufacturer based in Cyprus, Texas, took the opportunity to openly express their support of the Second Amendment on Facebook with many members of the public offering words of support.

RTIC has often found itself at odds with Yeti. The upstart company was sued by Yeti for trademark infringement in 2015. The case was ultimately settled out of court with RTIC agreeing to redesign some of its products and making financial payments to Yeti.

UPDATE (2:58 p.m. Central time, 4/23/2018):

Yeti has released the following statement via social media.

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