Stressed out? Anxious? Why not cuddle with a cow? After all, they have therapy dogs and therapy horses... Why not make a bovine your bestie for an hour?

Cow cuddling is offered for a mere $75 an hour at a bed and breakfast in upstate New York. Much like horses and dogs, cows have a calming effect on people who are willing to snuggle up. Apparently, Suzanne Vullers, the owner of Mountain Horse Farm, discovered the European stress relief method while visiting the Netherlands.

Folks seem to be shelling out their hard-earned money for the privilege of cuddling with either Bonnie or Bella. On top of cow cuddling, the bed and breakfast also offers a 'horse and cow' experience.

You can book your stay at Mountain Horse Farm by clicking here. Just make sure to tell us how it went when you get back and be warned, you may never look at a steak the same way again!

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