Back in August Governor Greg Abbott said bars might reopen if cases dropped below 10 percent in the state. They have been under that number, if just barely, since the start of September.

The TABC has approved some emergency amendments in the meantime. They have made it easier for select bars to qualify for a Food and Beverage certificate.

Businesses that have a 51% designation with TABC or that have not traditionally been considered a restaurant by TABC may apply to qualify as a restaurant under GA-28 and provide dine-in services.  -

Looking at the details the bar must already have food service at the location, sell at least two entrees, and offer food sales the entire time they are open. It could even be a food truck, and commercial cooking equipment is not required.

Bars and Restaurants seem very similar. They both serve drinks, and some bars have a kitchen. The other similarity is that they are both instances where wearing a mask isn't feasible. You just can't put food in your mouth, or a drink in your mouth, with a mask on. Though I've seen some funny memes of people trying.

The differences come with the patrons. Restaurants, you eat, drink and leave. This is a social situation, but not as long. Bars you drink, chat people up, yell over loud music, stay for hours, close to other patrons. This is the recipe for catching Covid-19.

Restaurants in some states aren't even open, at least in Texas you can eat out. I've eaten out once since the start of lockdown at the end of March, but as this goes on, my resolve is weakening.

There are a lot of people who's livelihood relies on our area bars. I would like everyone to be safe from Covid-19, but I also feel for area bar owners having to go through this rough time.

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