If you're quarantined with little ones and running out of fun ideas, check this out!

It's safe to say by now that absolutely everyone reading this has been affected by COVID-19. Everyone has had to change the way they live. Parents have had to change the way they parent. Businesses have had to change the way they do business.

As a father of two little girls, when I saw this on Facebook, I knew I had to do two things. Number one: Book my daughters a FaceTime. Number two: Share it with you.

Cast My Party is a local company that gives parents the opportunity to book princesses and superheroes to attend social gatherings. I used Cast My Party in February for my youngest daughter's birthday party, as seen in the picture above, and my little one was over the moon. It was absolutely an amazing experience.

Now, with the state of Louisiana on lockdown, they are opening up their characters for one-on-one FaceTime calls!

If you're like me and this has peaked your interest, check out their Facebook page for scheduling and general information! You can also call Cast My Party to book your FaceTime at 318-344-7972.

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