The Olympic Torch has been making its way through the English countryside for weeks now and is set to arrive in London on Friday, July 27 to kick off the 2012 Summer Olympics.  The race for the gold will be an exciting one this year for many athletes from around the world.  The games will conclude with an awesome closing ceremony on Sunday, Aug. 12.  During those impressive and historic 17 days, many world records could be in jeopardy.

World athletes will be competing in 36 different categories at the Olympics, including badminton, diving, rowing, table tennis, volleyball and more.  There will be hundreds of different competitions throughout those categories where the competitors will be pouring out blood, sweat and tears to achieve the ultimate goal, a gold medal.

We will be watching for our favorite athletes and teams and cheering them on to victory all along feeling their pain along the way.  Getting that gold medal is a struggle and there's only one athlete or one team that will get that medal for each competition.  As the athletes are battling it out in London we'll be watching them on NBC and their many networks and platforms.

Let's all cheer on the US teams and wish them good luck on bringing home the gold!