The third bald eagle egg hatched last night!  The live streaming video had mezmorized many of us!  We have been caught by the awesomeness of mother nature, I'm one of them!  I remember a few years ago when this very thing happened right here in East Texas in Smith county on FM 2661 near Lake Palestine.  We were then mezmorized by them, but we didn't have this kind of access to see the eagles in our neck of the woods.

As I was watching this while writing this last night I could hear the wolves off in the background - totally awesome!

Watch the live stream of the eagle family live from their cottonwood tree and see what they're up to at any time right after the jump!
How often have you been catching up on these eagles?

If you missed the hatching of the eggs - see them again!

Eaglet 1 being hatched

Eaglet 2 being hatched