It's a dangerous recipe...guns and kids in the same house.  This happened in South Texas last week, a 5 year old boy was playing with a bolt-action rifle in his home with his 4 year old brother and ended up shooting his little brother in the stomach.  The parents, who were at home at the time, rushed the 4 year old to meet the paramedics, where he did not make it.

The authorities are still investigating on how the kids gained access to the gun.

You can take all kinds of precautions to talk to your kids about guns and gun safety, but it is all about age appropriateness.  When kids are that young, I don't think they understand between life and death and that guns can kill.  I believe all guns should be unloaded and locked up in a cabinet that children can never gain access, which I am sure most responsible gun owners agree with because as a parent I know you can never watch your children 24/7 and they can get into things without you even knowing it.  I can't even begin to think about the guilt that the parents are feeling right now.

What are your thoughts about this story?

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