Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine has had a pretty tough schedule lately with touring and out promoting his new fragrance line it's all caught up to him. Adam is on complete vocal rest due to a case of laryngitis.

The band is in the middle of their Overexposed tour and had to cut a recent show short by four songs telling the site, "the notes just don't come out". After cutting the show short Adam took to his Twitter account to post the following:


He sent out another tweet saying he would be on vocal rest for 24 hours and to get ready for a lot of tweets from him since he can't talk.

We hope he recovers quickly and it doesn't get worse or comes back, because Adam is scheduled to play the American Airlines Center in Dallas on March 21st with Neon Trees and Owl City. If you don't have your tickets yet, you're out of luck because the show is SOLD OUT. However, between you and I, Mix 93-1 will have your chance to get into the show! Keep listening to win soon from Mix 93-1!