Yep, it's true!  But what song was she laying tracks down for while trying to recover from a hangover!  The next time you hear it you'll listen to it differently!  Find out after the jump.

The track in which Adele recorded with a hangover is a song called "Rumor Has It".  She was working with producer Ryan Tedder (lead singer for OneRepublic) when she sang the vocals and she revealed some details to Vh1 radio:

Her sophomore album 21 has just become the best selling digital album of all time.  This year alone she has sold 4,227,000 copies of the single and when you go to add in the downloads from 2010 it jumps to 4,335,000 - an awesome figure.  Adele will be back in the U.S. to make up the dates from her cancelled tour and she'll be at the Verizon Theater at Grand Prairie on Friday, October 21st and tickets go on sale on Friday, July 22nd.  If you had tickets to her show this past May for the House Of Blues show - they're still good!