We see videos all over the internet of cute kids singing songs. And sometimes the right people see those videos and those kids suddenly get thrown into the entertainment spotlight. That's exactly what happened to 4-year-old Kai. Not only did he get to show off his talents on national television, he had a chance encounter with his idol.

On Wednsday, Kai visited the Ellen Degeneres Show and got to show the world just how adorable he is. He chatted with Ellen about his singing history, his little sister, and why Bruno Mars is his favorite artist.

Well, on today's episode of Ellen, she told a story about Kai's trip home to Houston. He was just sitting there flying back, when none other than Bruno Mars himself walks by on the same flight! The two sang and chatted, and posted pictures too. Talk about a chance encounter. I think Kai just had the best week of his life, and he's only four years old!