Prior to Saturday night, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were tied at 15 for the number of times they've hosted Saturday Night Live.

Now Alec moves ahead of Steve with Saturday Night's 16th hosting gig and you know that's not going to come without a little fun and kiddin' from Alec.  What exactly did Alec say about breaking his buddy Steve's record?  Check out the video from the opening monologue.And, might Steve Martin pop up and surprise us all?  If he does, he won't get credit as a "host" and Alec still breaks the record -- at least according to Seth Rogan.  A monologue of surprises!  We hope that's lemonade.

This coming Saturday October 1, SNL is hosted for the first time by Melissa McCarthy of Mike and Molly -- she was hilarious this summer in Bridesmaids-- can't miss that.  Lady Antebellum is this Saturday's musical guest.