American Idol returns to Fox for its 11th season Jan. 17 and 18, and the Idol judges have been busy listening to potential contestants during the audition process. They tell TV Guide to get ready to hear a lot of Adele during the audition phase of the show.

Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez tell TV Guide that Adele's "Someone Like You" has been the most popular song to audition with this year.

"There have been 10 contestants who just nailed it," Tyler said.

But ...

"We're just so tired of hearing it, though. Every three songs, it's that same song," Lopez said to ABC Radio News. "You have to let them sing, because you don't know who will nail it ... some people do their own rendition of who do it beautifully, and then you have the people who fall a bit short."

Lopez added we'll be seeing some improved auditions because several who have failed in past years have come back and sound much better.

While we wait for the auditions, I've found some clips of the Top 20 worse American Idol auditions, along with some funny ones, too!  Before we get really tired of hearing Adele, I've also included her video so you can hear the real thing.

Don't forget, too, that The Voice is returning to NBC right after the Super Bowl on Feb. 5th.

Which show do you think is better: American Idol, The Voice, The Sing Off or X Factor?