American Idol is known for some great talent, awful talent and some really strange talent, too! I happened to catch last night's show that featured auditions from Aspen, Colo., and the last audition they featured fit in the category of Really Strange.

This audition was so random, that you could tell was staged by Idol producers.  The judges play right along like it's a legitimate audition. The contestant comes in with dark glasses, wearing a bandana with "Magic" across his forehead and dressed in a patriotic shirt. He introduces himself as Magic Cyclops and claims he's running from gambling debts from Davenport, Iowa.

Once the interview process begins, he claims to have 11,000 air guitar styles and blames his British accent on watching BBC programming on PBS. When it came to singing, he offered the judges 2 choices - Neil Diamond or Jimmy Buffet (which he pronounces buff-ay).

It may be painstaking, but you've gotta see this strange interaction between him and the judges and what happens at the end of his audition that leaves not only Steven Tyle,r but Jennifer Lopez to let out some explitives.

On the positive note, the judges handed out 31 golden tickets to Hollywood.  Te American Idol auditions return tonight with auditions from Houston at 7 p.m.