Think plain ole vanilla is boring?  The old standby got lots of votes in a new Harris poll.  What about the ooey gooey chunky flavors?
What's your favorite?

 Here's how it breaks down.  Oh, and three percent of the population doesn't eat ice cream, according to the poll.  Who are you people?

Here's the rundown of favorite ice cream flavors:

Chocolate, 28 percent
Vanilla, 26 percent
Cookie dough and cookies and cream, 22 percent
Butter pecan and Swiss almond, 19 percent
Mint chocolate chip, 15 percent
Strawberry, 12 percent
Rocky road, 11 percent
Coffee, 9 percent
Peanut butter, 8 percent
Cherry vanilla, 7 percent
Pistachio, 7 percent
Black raspberry, 6 percent
Peach, 5 percent
Seasonal flavors such as eggnog or pumpkin, 4 percent

The favorite topping is Hot Fudge.  Texas is too warm for that!  Nuts and caramel came in second and third.

Have a great weekend, and cool off with a few scoops of your favorite flavor.