We kind of knew Austin Corini was going to be a big deal on 'X Factor' when two young female audience members -- unexpectedly, in the contestant holding room -- went gaga for the 16-year-old.

So did their affection for the blonde singer hold water? Yeah, pretty much. During his performance of 'Wanted' by Hunter Hayes, it was kind of hard to even hear him sing over the screams from the throngs of girls shouting their love for him from the audience.

To be fair, Corini admitted that he wanted to be a star like Justin Bieber and One Direction, so his boy-band good looks and obviously dyed-too-blonde hair fit the mold, and he made no attempts to stand out during his 'X Factor' audition other than to make the girls swoon. Hey, at least he accomplished that much.

"I definitely think you have an amazing voice. I love your hair... I think you have the whole package," said Britney. Demi Lovato admitted that she wasn't "jumping out of my seat excited" for him, but that she found him good enough, and Simon Cowell suggested that he try to make a song his own so he'd be remembered for his voice instead of his blinding hair.

After receiving a yes from the two women on the judging panel, L.A. Reid was hesitant, but eventually succumbed to the pressure and said yes, but it was based on what he "believed" and "not what I saw." Uh, what? Cowell gave in as well and said yes, so Blondie was off to the next round of 'X Factor.'

We think if he's going to keep the shade of blonde he's rocking, he'd better lean more towards the Billy Idol end of the spectrum. At least he's bada--.