We have all experienced it - the guy who cuts you off in the middle of rush hour traffic, the person who runs the red light three seconds after it turned red, the commuter riding your bumper (five feet away at most); in short, bad drivers.

Nothing burns me up quicker than a bad driver. Case and point: I was driving down Old Jacksonville highway the other day, making my commute into Tyler, respecting the speed limit, when all of a sudden, a little red Mini-Cooper zooms past me going twenty over, jerks into my lane, and has to slam on the breaks, since we were approaching a red light. Epic fail of a bad driver after the jump.

Now, at that point, I was pretty annoyed. I can understand passing someone, but passing someone to get to a stopping point? That makes no sense to me. You will get there one way or another, and it will not matter how long you are stopped at the stoplight, it will still turn green on a predetermined time. It seems like a useless thing to do IMO.

So there is my little spiel about my personal pet peeve - bad drivers. The question is: What upsets you the most?

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