This past weekend, I got to experience a concert like no other and there will never be another one like it, and I was happy to be there and to see it. I make this statement because it was my daughter's first time going to a concert, and this was a show she was interested in but didn't know we had tickets until the night before the show.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

My daughter has been watching the Nickelodeon show 'Big Time Rush' for quite a while, and they were in Dallas over the weekend (June 29) along with opening act Victoria Justice. I was able to get tickets for her and a couple of friends, so the four of us trekked off to Dallas on their first big concert outing.

The show started out on time at 7 p.m. in the 98-degree Texas sun on the lawn of the Gexa Energy Pavilion to two opening acts, whowe had no idea who they were! The first guy never mentioned his name but told us to go buy his music on iTunes, and the second girl did the same thing and even told us to like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter and Instagram but she never said who she was, too! The girls were looking bored because they didn't know who these people were, and when Victoria Justice came out, they were excited for a brief second and then were ready to go home. I told them we were there to see Big Time Rush and they'd be coming on soon.

Then the time came, the outdoor lights went dark, the stage lit up. James, Carlos, Kendall and Logan came on stage and were singing their song "24/7" and the girls just lit up! Seeing my daughter react the way she did to these four guys singing on stage was priceless. It was just like watching videos and concert footage of screaming fans as their favorite artist came on stage. She was screaming right along with all the other girls and boys.

From that point on, it was all about the four guys singing on stage. They were dancing and jumping around and singing along to all of their songs (which I've heard numerous times!).

Then at that point I thought I just lost my little girl. This was her first real concert experience, her first real band crush and she was there enjoying herself and it was a joy to watch. The best thing is, right before the guys appeared, the camera was put away and the video was rolling on the phone and I got to catch it all! It was a great to experience that with her and I am sure there will be more to come in the future, but there will be nothing like this one, though.