When one of our own needs help, East Texas pulls together to lend a hand and do what they can. That's what I have always loved about being from East Texas. Well, the town of Chapel Hill is helping one of their own fight for her life now, and they need your help.

Jackie Adams, a 37-year-old single mother of five, is battling stage four breast cancer. Jackie was first diagnosed at the age of 32 while pregnant with her third baby. Now Jackie is facing this awful disease again.

Her physicians told her she had a 20 percent chance of surviving for the first five years. That's when they told her the cancer had spread to her bones, and she was pregnant with twins.

It's not surprising the East Texas town of Chapel Hill is reaching out to help Jackie and doing all they can to help her fight the fight. Friends, neighbors, and even people Jackie doesn't even know, have organized a softball tournament and raffle this Saturday to help raise money for Jackie and her kids.

The benefit softball game this Saturday will be at Lindsey Park. If you are interested in playing in the game, the cost is $200 per team. For more information click here.