Yesterday I wrote about how my birthday is always bittersweet. I find it difficult to overlook the tragedy of the thousands of lives lost, and plan a celebration about myself. It just feels selfish, when there are so many other things going on that day that deserve our appreciation, like first-responders and veterans that make it possible for us live a life that is free and worth celebrating.

Last night, after I left the mix studios for the I was planning to join my boyfriend and another couple for a few drinks and laughs at a local restaurant in South Tyler. What I actually walked into was something quite different. I walked into the bar, noticed a crowd at the back and was blown away by over a dozen people shouting, "SURPRISE!" and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".

I was so stunned that at first I thought I was in the wrong place, and had walked into someone else's party. Knowing that my boyfriend hates surprise parties, it never occurred to me that he would be in on planning one for me. It was such a great surprise and truly a blessing to see so many people that have impacted my life one way or another.

Some friends that came out, I had not seen or spoken with in months and others I see regularly. It was a wonderful evening catching up with old friends and making new memories with new friends.

One friend even found an old photo of me and had it blown up so that friends could sign it. It was a very special evening, and one I will never forget. Korn Pop the Clown even came out and made a special '30' design for me.