Last weekend my boyfriend had to make a quick run to Walmart for a plunger. We just moved into a new apartment complex and for some reason the old plunger didn't make the move. Our neighbors weren't home and the front office didn't have one, so to Walmart he went. When he got one someone who worked there asked him if he was buying it because that day was National Plunger Day. Of course he was not.

The man said tons of people had been buying plungers because it was a national holiday for plungers. While this was in fact strange, it got me thinking of what other strange holidays there are in April.

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up in the morning and decide whether you will go to work? If it is going to be fun at work, you get up and go. Otherwise, you turn over and go back to sleep. Make sure you clear it with your boss though. He may just say to make work fun.

Submarine Day.... does it celebrate the big underwater boat, or the big sandwich?  Enjoy the day by watching movies featuring them or just eat a really big sandwich. Or eat a sub sandwich while watching submarine movies.

If you value any of your exes at all, give them a little bit of recognition. If you don't value any exes or you can't find any redeeming trait, no one will blame you for skipping today's celebrations.

This is a day you will definitely want to remind your boss of. Or, if you are a boss, you may want to write this down. Your secretary's do a whole lot of work for you. Tedious and little things, and you know it isn't easy. Treat them to lunch, buy them flowers, or a small card to just say thank you.

Hairstyle Appreciation Day celebrates uniqueness of all styles of hair. Shaved heads, hair colors, strange up-dos or cuts all fall under the category. Complement someone on their creativity and uniqueness that they show in their hairstyle.