Crime and history buffs prepare yourselves for a new version of Bonnie and Clyde. The infamous duo known for a series of robberies during the 'Public Enemy' era will be featured in a new mini-series airing on three different networks, (A&E, History, and Lifetime) on December 8 and 9, so set your DVRs now.


There's no short amount of talent in this depiction. Emile Hirsch known for his work in Milk, Speed Racer and Into the wild, plays Clyde Barrow, while Holliday Grainger will act as Bonnie Parker. You'll also see Academy Award Winners William Hurt and Holly Hunter depicting characters in the film. Watch the trailer here:



I had heard the story of Bonnie and Clyde in school, and knew that they were outlaws from Texas, but I was surprised to learn just how young they both were. Clyde Barrow was 25 years old and Bonnie only 23 when they were ambushed and killed in Northern Louisiana.

Want to lean more? Check out this documentary: