Hot!  Sweaty!  Cranky!  Tired!  Yuk!  We'll get through this right?  You may or may not know, my sweet son was born with a brain tumor that caused some developmental delays when he was born.  He started to display some behavioral problems early this year and is on the Autism Spectrum.  Grrrr.  Oh well, he is such a joy and mine!!  I love him!  I wanted to let you know about a great event coming up next weekend that is spearheaded by the 17 year old sister of a girl who has Asperger's.  Check out what her mom says after the jump.

I am just so proud of her, and I'm excited because I know that if she's doing things like this at seventeen, I can't wait to see the things she'll be doing when she's a little bit older," (kltv)

Who says teens are selfish?!!!  Burgers for Aspergers is coming up Saturday the 23rd and will include a 5K, live music, bounce houses and burgers. It starts at 4pm at Christ Central Church in Lindale.  The run is $10 and you can register at Pinkie Pies in Lindale.