The Internet Reacts to Sony’s PS4 Announcement
Yesterday, Sony revealed their new gaming system the PS4. Considering how up in arms everybody was over the XBox One, it's no surprise that people were more than willing to hop onboard the PS4 bandwagon. When they announced that the console would cost $100 less than XBox, it was basically all o…
Miguel Goes on Controversial Twitter Rant
While Mariah Carey grabbed headlines for her ripped dress when she and Miguel performed on 'Good Morning America' last Friday (May 24), the R&B crooner got controversial on Twitter on May 27. He went on a rant about his racial heritage and, in a surprising move, he didn't dele…
10 Favorite iPhone Games
Admit it, you love playing games on your phone. Think of all the games you've been addicted to on your phone and compare them with my list!
Who Does Facebook Think You Are?
Almost the entire world is on Facebook. All of these people logging on makes Facebook a great place to advertise. They try to find ads just for you. So, what do the ads Facebook picks for you say about who they think you are?
Tumblr Reacts to Being Bought by Yahoo
As you may have heard if you logged on to the Interwebs today, Yahoo bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion, and immediately freaked out basically everyone on Tumblr. Didn't Yahoo realize that they're dealing with a community of unemployed millennials who have nothing to do with their time but make GIFs and…
Justin Bieber Really May Not Be the King of Twitter After All
A social media report that sounds like it could have been crafted by little monsters claims that Justin Bieber really isn't the King of Twitter after all. While the signer generated more Twitter interest than the Grammys and broke the Internet trying to stage a live chat, Socialbakers claims La…

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